A Special Message


I have got to share this message with you...
There is only one true God, the God of the Bible. He created everything.  He loves you and He provides for you, whether you realize it or not.  He wants you to worship Him alone.  He wants a right relationship with you.
We all have a problem.  Everybody has sinned.  We’ve all disobeyed God.  Our sins separate us from Him.  Our sins deserve eternal punishment.  We are all guilty.  This is our problem.  We are not good or righteous.
Our sins can never be removed by anything we can or could do.  Sins can’t be removed by our good deeds or by our own efforts.  This again is our problem.  We can’t save or forgive ourselves.
So, the Father sent the Son, Jesus, to be our Savior, Rescuer and Redeemer.  Paying the price for our sin, Jesus died on a cross and rose again.  He was sinless.  He died in our place, becoming our payment for sins penalty.  He shed His blood so we might be forgiven and declared good, and so we might live eternally.
Everyone who trusts in Jesus alone for forgiveness is  forgiven.  Anyone who believes the “good news” about Jesus and about His sacrifice and forgiveness can be saved from sin’s final penalty.  This “good news”, or gospel, is found in the Bible.  Will you believe the gospel, and place your faith in Jesus sacrifice in order to be saved, set-free, forgiven and restored to a right relationship with God?
The gift God gives those who believe includes forgiveness, eternal life, and an amazing relationship with Him.  We can never lose this.  As a result we become a “Christian”, a new follower of Christ, and we receive many blessings.  This is a message of hope.

Love,  Eric